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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Wrap

Before getting to my thoughts on tonight's Oscars, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Lyz, Robert, Larry, CS, Marshall, and Thaddeus for their contributions to The Best Picture Countdown. Couldn't have done it without you guys!

As for tonight's show... man, that was kind of painful. Maybe next year Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law could host? A few stray thoughts:

* To whomever decided to play the King's speech over the montage of Best Picture nominees: That was icky.

* I don't know which sounds weirder: Oscar winner Trent Reznor, or Oscar winning film The Wolfman.

* Favourite presenter: Cate Blanchett, particularly her casual "gross" at the end of the nominees montage.

* Favourite audience member: Helena Bonham Carter, whose facial expressions were consistently priceless (I particularly liked her "WTF" shrug to Tim Burton after Tom Hooper hugged Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth but not her).

* Favourite winner speech: David Seidler.

* Least favourite moment: I pretty much cringed my way through Anne Hathaway's little musical number (she's a good singer, I just found the whole thing ill-conceived).

* Apparently there is no tape delay in the Canadian feed since I heard Melissa Leo's F-Bomb crystal clear. Yay Canada!

* Roger Deakins goes home empty handed once again. *sniff*

... And that's pretty much that. I'm going to be taking a little blogging break since I feel like I did nothing during the month of February except blog, but I will be back with new content on March 14th, including reviews of Oscar nominee Incendies and next year's Best Picture winner The Roommate. If you need something to hold you over until then, check out my review of Blue Valentine at Culturazzi.


Castor said...

My least favorite moment was Melissa Leo's speech. It felt so rehearsed and insincere it made me cringe the moment she opened her mouth.

Thaddeus said...

Always happy to help out! Maybe we'll have another run? All the Bond films or some such?...

Norma Desmond said...

@Castor: I didn't like the speech either but I had the opposite impression. It seemed to me like she hadn't prepared anything (which would be insane since she was cleaning up the awards leading up to the Oscars) and so it was kind of a rambling mess.

@Thaddeus: That's a good idea. I've never seen a single Bond movie, though, so I'd have a lot of catching up to do.

Movies on my Mind said...

What a waste of a ceremony

inMovies said...

The Oscar night, to say the least, has not been given great feedback. But many stars showed up looking gorgeous!

What are the thoughts on the winners and those who should've won? Leonardo DiCaprio is still Oscar-less and he is a great actor..but of course there are others in the same boat as well..