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Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday's Top 5... Fish Out of Water Movies

#5: Splash

Let's kick things off with a literal fish-out-of-water story. This romantic comedy from Ron Howard and starring Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks was one of the biggest hits (both commercially and critically) of 1984 and remains an eminently charming film.

#4: Trading Places

Two fish out of water for the price of one. This classic comedy in which Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd find themselves the target of an elaborate prank which finds one going from prince to pauper and the other going from pauper to prince is a thoroughly entertaining film.

#3: Back to the Future

Do I need to sell you on the greatness of Back to the Future? As long as you're a sane person, I'm entirely sure that I do not.

#2: Big

No matter how many great movies he's made since, Big is always going to be one of Tom Hanks' best. Let's just hope this fable about a boy who accidentally wishes himself out of his own life and into another escapes the recent spate of 80s movie remakes.

#1: Being There

He likes to watch... and watch... and watch. All he knows are the world as seen on TV and the way of life behind the walls of his employer's estate. Thrust out into the real world to sink or swim, he swims against all odds.

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