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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday's Top 5... Reasons to Stay Out of the Water

#5: Piranha 3D

... I'm guessing. The trailer certainly makes it look like the worst spring break/summer vacation ever.

#4: Orca

The killer whale. Need I say more?

#3: Anaconda

Before there were snakes on a plane, there was a snake on a boat. It didn't end well.

#2: Jaws

This one is a given, I think and on top of that, it's genuinely a great film which... you can't say about all the films on this list.

#1: Jaws 2

Now, unquestionably, Jaws is the superior film but have you seen Jaws 2? It's crazy! The shark eats a friggin' helicopter! And after that it still goes around picking off humans! Oh, Jaws - food is no substitute for love.

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