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Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday's Top 5... Theories About How Nine Lives Came To Be

Theory #5: Kevin Spacey Has Massive Gambling Debts

I mean, there's doing a movie strictly for the paycheque, and then there's being so desperate for a paycheque that you trade your dignity for it (and if you doubt that was the cost, just watch the trailer and listen to how unenthusiastic that voiceover is).

Theory #4: Kevin Spacey Enjoys Cat Related Puns

The movie's tagline is "His life just got put on paws." On paws.

Theory #3: Frank Underwood is Real and...

... This is just a way to distract everyone from the elaborate plot he's in the process of pulling off.

Theory #2: Kevin Spacey Owed Barry Sonnenfeld a Favor

But to whom did director Barry Sonnenfeld owe a favor?

Theory #1: Theory #1: This Is Just a Test

Kevin Spacey's voicework is so detached and contemptuous that I'm left to assume he took the job just to see how openly he could hate the work and still get paid for it.

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