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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Top 5... Movie Reboots

#5: The Sum of All Fears

I realize that I'm in the minority on this one, but I really liked the attempt at relaunching the Jack Ryan series with Ben Affleck. Seriously, check it out: it's actually a pretty good movie.

#4: The Karate Kid

This is based solely on anecdotal evidence. It got decent reviews and made a ridiculous amount of money, so needless to say it found an audience.

#3: Star Trek

Oh, Chris Pine. Are you really going to grow up to look like William Shatner? In all seriousness though, the Star Trek reboot is one of those things that absolutely should not have worked so the fact that it worked so well is kind of a miracle.

#2: Casino Royale

A blond James Bond? Never! Daniel Craig makes for a great Bond - too bad studio money troubles have kept the series in limbo for the last couple of years.

#1: Batman Begins

File this one under "Duh."


Tom Clift said...

Haven't seen the first two but like you I heard good things about the recent KARATE - the last three are pretty much a given. How many other reboots have their actually been though? Yes there have been a ton of remakes, especially of horror film, but not that many of them seem to have spawned new franchises.

BRENT said...

The Star Trek re-boot was better than expected and I actually enjoyed it alot.
I think Sum of all Fears was quite good also because it is one of the stronger Clancy novels of the Ryan series in my opinion.
I'm also of the opinion Daniel Craig is an extremely good Bond, and if anything he has given the franchise a much needed shot in the arm.

Norma Desmond said...

@Tom Clift: That's true about the lack of success for relaunching franchises, but it's not for lack of trying. There's already talk about rebooting Batman after Christopher Nolan finishes the next film.

@Brent: Glad to find someone else who likes The Sum of All Fears - it doesn't tend to be a very popular opinion.