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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twenty for Twenty: Fall Preview Part 1

There are twenty weekends left in 2013, so now seems like a good time to single out the twenty upcoming films currently slated for release in 2013 that I'm most keen to see (save and except a couple of foreign titles that I know won't be making it to theaters here until 2014, and whatever films fly onto the radar at the Venice and Toronto film festivals). Here are the first five, listed in order of release date:

September 20: Prisoners

I'm a big fan of Denis Villeneuve, whose films Maelstrom, Polytechnique and Incendies are all excellent. This one boasts a top notch cast which includes Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal and by all appearances will make for a taut thriller.

September 20: Rush

Although Ron Howard can be a bit hit and miss, this film about the rivalry between two Formula One drivers looks like a no frills biopic with plenty of action. I've been waiting for Daniel Bruhl to break out ever since 2003's Goodbye Lenin!, so hopefully this is the film to do it.

October 4: Gravity

In space, no one can hear you scream. Clooney. Bullock. Alfonso Cuaron. Enough said.

October 11: Captain Phillips

Although it's of course still too early to say for sure, Tom Hanks + based on a true story will probably amount to an Oscar nomination. Either way, this film from underrated director Paul Greengrass looks like a must see.

October 11: The Fifth Estate

Another film based on a true story, and another film starring Daniel Bruhl. Although Julian Assange has already criticized the film as "a lie built upon a lie," it looks like an intriguing piece of work.

Tomorrow: the next 5 movies on my list

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