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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Library Project: November 24 - 30

It was a pretty great week for DVD viewing - a week so great, it practically speaks for itself. Here's what I watched:

November 24: Manhattan (1979) - one of Woody Allen's best (and I'm sure some would argue his absolute best). A loving tribute to the city which has been the setting of so many of his films, Manhattan is smart, funny and beautiful.

November 26: Mata Hari (1931) - Greta Garbo stars in a highly romanticized story as the notorious World War I era spy and courtesan Mata Hari. Garbo is pretty great - as she usually is when playing bad girls with hearts of gold - and because the film came out Pre-Code, it has a lot of fun with the scandalous aspects of the story that later films couldn't have gotten away with.

November 27: Miracle on 34th Street (1947) - getting the Christmas season off to an early start with one of the all-time greatest Christmas movies. A charming film, made all the more so by the number of adorably "wtf" faces young Natalie Wood makes when confronted by the idea that Santa Claus is real.

November 28: Moonstruck (1987) - following up one of the all-time best Christmas movies with one of the all-time best romantic comedies. Moonstruck is a glorious movie in pretty much every respect, perfectly cast, sharply written, and tightly directed.

Novemebr 30: Mulholland Drive (2001) - David Lynch's bizarre Hollywood nightmare is just as fascinating now as it was when it first came out over ten years ago. Naomi Watts' performance as the doomed Diane and sunny heroine Betty is one of the best ever committed to film.

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