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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Library Project: December 22 - 28

Took a small detour from regular scheduled programming in order to watch some DVDs that I got for Christmas but, oh, what a fine detour it was:

December 22: Raging Bull (1980) - Martin Scorsese's brutal but poetic film about boxer Jake LaMotta. Robert De Niro has never been better than is here, playing a man who insists late in the film that he isn't an animal, despite behaving like one at every possible turn.

December 23: Rebel Without a Cause: (1955) - Nicholas Ray's masterpiece about teenage alienation, and the film that cemented James Dean's status as an icon. A perfect movie from beginning to end.

December 25: Moonrise Kingdom (2012) - Wes Anderson's latest is one of the highlights of the past movie going year. It's just as good the second time around.

December 26: Hanna (2011) - While not one of the best films from last year, this is certainly one of the most entertaining. I'm kind of amazed that a video game version of this movie hasn't been released yet.

December 27: Melancholia (2011) - My favourite movie from last year. Lars von Trier's darkly comic take on the end of the world more than holds up to multiple viewings.

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