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Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Top 5... Surprises from the Golden Globes and SAG

#5: Golden Globes Snub Tom Hooper

Les Miserables is looking to be a major player in the awards season and many pundits have predicted Tom Hooper as a sure thing for an Oscar nomination, so it was a bit of a shock to see him left off the Golden Globe nominee list. The Golden Globes aren't the Oscars, of course, so this doesn't necessarily mean anything, but still.

#4: SAG Has Little Love for The Master

Admittedly, I wasn't too big on The Master myself but that seems to be a minority position and whatever issues I had with the film, it certainly had nothing to do with the acting. Philip Seymour Hoffman nabbed The Master's sole acting nomination from SAG, while co-stars Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams were left out in the cold, despite turning in highly praised performances.

#3: Nicole Kidman for The Paperboy

Nicole Kidman's performance in the little seen (and judging by its MetaCritic score, little loved) The Paperboy earned her nominations from both the Golden Globes and SAG. It's a nice little shakeup for the Supporting Actress category, which had previously looked like it might shape up to be a strictly Adams-Field-Hathaway-Hunt-Smith affair.

#2: Emmanuelle Riva Left Off the Best Actress Lists

Amour is one of the more talked about movies of the year and Riva's performance is always central to that conversation. Neither the Golden Globes nor SAG recognized her performance, which is more than a bit surprising, even though it is a performance in a non-English language film.

#1: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

3 Golden Globe nominations. Did anyone see that coming? Who would have guessed that this little movie (albeit a very charming one) from early in the year could muscle its way in and earn itself almost as many nominations a couple of Oscar front runners?

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