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Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Top 5... Recent Films That Would Make Great Video Games

#5: Premium Rush

Premium Rush already kind of looks like a video game, what with its fast pace, series of increasingly high stakes chases, and a little time taken out for the characters to showboat on their bikes, so it would probably transfer mediums without much difficulty. Plus, as a bonus, if you lose you’d get to see your character splatter across traffic pretty spectacularly.

#4: Hanna

Like Premium Rush, this one already looks so much like a video game that it’s hard to imagine that it would take much effort to recreate the world of the film in video game form. Plus, the world just needs more Hanna, she’s that awesome.

#3: The Hunger Games

I’m genuinely shocked that this isn’t already a thing, but apparently it isn’t. Maybe it’s the kids killing each other aspect that keeps the makers from cashing in on the franchise in yet another medium, but once you get past the morally troubling premise, you’ve got a potentially awesome combat game.

#2: Inception

There are endless possibilities to a game based on Inception. When the film first came out, director Christopher Nolan discussed the possibility of a game adaptation, so hopefully this one will actually be realized at some point.

#1: The Raid: Redemption

The film that inspired the list. While a Hunger Games game may never come to fruition, I fully expect that The Raid will make it there in time for either its planned sequel, or its planned remake.

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