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Monday, January 16, 2012

Top 10 Week... Posters of 2011

#10: The Artist

Classic, classy, and simple. A beautiful poster for a beautiful film.

#9: The Skin I Live In

The version of the poster featuring Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya seems to have been preferred by theatres (at least around here), but I much prefer this one, which sort of looks like a drawing from an old school medical text.

#8: Melancholia

Beautiful but also a little bit creepy and unsettling, just like the film's operatic prologue (which also includes this image of Kirsten Dundst).

#7: We Need To Talk About Kevin

There's something incredibly sinister about this poster, which manages to suggest both the violent act at the centre of the story as well as the distant nature of the relationship between the protagonist mother and her teenage son.

#6: Drive

The film itself is dark, serious and fairly macho, but the font is all camp and fairly girly, evocative of an '80s teen movie. It's an odd, but also oddly compelling combination.

#5: Young Adult

This poster is just about perfect, highlighting as it does the way that the protagonist is stuck in a teenage mindset (through the imitation teen book series cover) despite her increasingly adult problems (the whole being passed out drunk thing). Plus, that dog is adorable.

#4: Bridesmaids

The undertone of aggression in this poster is all the more meaningful after the film came to be one of the most celebrated and financially successful comedies of the year. Awesome, pure and simple.

#3: Meek's Cutoff

The film is an extremely low key, homespun western so the very stripped down aesthetic of this poster is perfect.

#2: The Ides of March

A great poster all on its own, but one that takes on even greater depths once you've seen the film. It's fantastic both in concept and in execution.

#1: Midnight in Paris

Beautiful, dreamy, and completely in keeping with the style and tone of the film. It's everything a great poster should be.

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