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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Library Project: October 27 - November 2

My DVD viewing last week wasn't much for quantity, but quality is another matter. Here's what I watched as I continue to work my way through my DVD library:

October 27: Gentleman's Agreement (1947) - A well-meaning drama about bigotry, but one that plays it a little too safe and falls a bit flat. Still, it did manage to win a Best Picture Oscar - which frankly says more about AMPAS than it does about the film itself. Nevertheless, Gregory Peck is always worth watching and is in fine form here.

October 29: Giant (1956) - I always remember how long Giant is (and, dear God, is it ever loooooong), but I don't always remember how good it is. An epic family drama about the generation gap, racism, and the changing times, the film isn't entirely successful (particularly in its treatment of racism, which is very much a Hollywood treatment of the subject), but it ultimately works more than it doesn't.

October 30: Gomorrah (2008) - An Italian crime drama that follows several threads in order to paint a picture of how the modern day mafia has permeated various aspects of society. It's a brilliant, haunting film.

November 1: The Graduate (1967) - Just about as perfect as a movie can get. It was a watershed film when it was released, and remains an incredibly engaging and entertaining film today.

November 2: Grand Hotel (1932) - Another Best Picture winner, and a rather charming one at that. Starring several of the day's biggest names, including Greta Garbo, John and Lionel Barrymore, and Joan Crawford, the film defly mixes comedy, drama and romance amongst its diverse cast of characters.

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