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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Library Project: November 3 - 9

All in all, a pretty good week for DVD watching, with genuine quality mixed in with a bit of frivolity. Here's what I watched this week:

November 3: Heathers (1988) - A cult classic which, to be honest, has always left me just a little bit cold. Still, it's a darkly funny film and one of the better movies about teenagers ever made.

November 5: Hollywoodland (2006) - A detective story about the mysterious death of TV's Superman, George Reeves, Allen Coulter's film features a bunch of great performances, particularly from Diane Lane and Ben Affleck.

November 6: How Green Was My Valley (1941) - A film often unfairly villified because it won the Oscar over Citizen Kane. While it is no Kane, it is a John Ford movie and a rather good one at that.

November 7: How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days (2003) - About as light as a film gets, this Kate Hudson-Matthew McConaughey-starring romantic comedy has its moments but is far from great cinema.

November 8: I Am Love (2010) - One of my favourite films of the last few years. This Italian drama starring Tilda Swinton is gorgeously photographed and all-together beautifully rendered.

November 9: Ingloriuous Basterds (2009) - Tarantino. Enough said.

On Tap For Next Week: More Swinton, More Tarantino, and more!

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