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Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Top 5... Scenes from Christopher Nolan's Batman Series

#5: Batman Begins: Tumbler Scene

One of the most exhilarating scenes of Batman Begins, in which Batman demonstrates what the tumbler can do on the streets, and the rooftops, of Gotham. The sequence is all the more impressive when you consider that Nolan eschews CGI in favor of traditional stunt work.

#4: The Dark Knight: The Joker & The Mob

The scene in which arguably the most charismatic (and crazy) character in the Batman universe effectively takes control of Gotham's more traditional villains. Even when you know it's coming, the "pencil trick" still packs a punch.

#3: Batman Begins: Final Scene

Just about any scene between Gary Oldman's Gordon and Christian Bale's Batman is great, but there's something particularly perfect about this one, in which the two characters wax philosophic and then Gordon provides Batman with the Joker's calling card, setting the scene for the series' second chapter.

#2: The Dark Knight: Freeway Chase

A simply extraordinary action sequence involving the Batpod, a semitruck, a helicopter, and plenty of other vehicles. Again, Nolan's preference for getting the shots the old fashioned way (ie actually doing it), rather than using a computer to create everything, makes it all the more impressive.

#1: The Dark Knight: Interrogation Scene

Batman. The Joker. What else do you need?

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Alex Withrow said...

Great list. Of your picks, the Freeway Chase would get my top vote. But overall, my favorite scene from all three films would be (well, shit, there are two). First is the introduction of The Joker (....“stranger”), and second is *spoiler* the look Alfred and Bruce share in the end of TDKR. That killed me.