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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Canada Day Top Five... Canadian Movies

#5: My Winnipeg

Ostensibly a documentary about Winnipeg, My Winnipeg is instead a documentary about how director Guy Maddin feels about his hometown. Blending history and fantasy and that particular Maddin flair, this is an especially delightful and often moving film.

#4: Polytechnique

Taking on the Ecole Polytechnique massacre and contextualizing it as being both the specific result of a madman's impulse, and a general result of more widespread societal misogyny, Denis Villeneuve's film is profound and incredibly gripping.

#3: Away From Her

Sarah Polley's directorial debut is one of the most confident and assured first films ever made. Stark and direct in its treatment of the subject matter, while still maintaining a core of humanity when dealing with the characters, Away From Her is a beautiful and wonderful film.

#2: Mon Oncle Antoine

A seminal coming-of-age film set in the 1940s, Claude Jutra's Mon Oncle Antoine examines a key period Quebec's history. Twice voted by Sight and Sound as the best Canadian film of all time, Mon Oncle Antoine is one that anyone with an interest in Canadian film ought to see.

#1: The Saddest Music In the World

Guy Maddin is pretty much my favourite Canadian filmmaker and The Saddest Music in the World is my favourite of his films. Perhaps best described as a "silent musical," this is a strange, beautiful and totally captivating movie.

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Alex Withrow said...

Cool list! The Saddest Music In the World is such a head trip. I've never seen another film remotely like that one.