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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Top 5... Least Necessary Sequels

Note: for the purposes of this list I'm only considering movies that spawned one follow-up rather than multiple films to form a series, otherwise this list would be made up pretty much entirely of Saw movies and perhaps an Ocean's (or two)

#5: Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

You know, the first one wasn't a hit because of its sophisticated storytelling, innovating technology, or resonant themes and characters. So, if Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels took a pass on returning, it was probably best to just abandon a sequel as a beautiful dream.

#4: Staying Alive

Or as I like to call it: Saturday Night Fever: Everything Is Shiny Now. Saturday Night Fever is a classic of 70s cinema and the defining film of a cultural movement. Staying Alive is one of the movies that sunk John Travolta's career... you know, the first time.

#3: Speed 2: Cruise Control

Hey, remember that movie that took place on a speeding bus and it starred Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock and was a big hit? Well picture the same thing only replace the speeding bus with a speeding (?) cruise ship and Keanu Reeves with Jason Patric. Can't miss, right?

#2:Grease 2

Challenge: off the top of your head, name two songs from Grease 2. I rest my case.

#1: Weekend At Bernie's II

There's really only so much milleage you can get out of a dead guy. One movie was really pushing it, but two? I do like how they attempted to class things up with the roman numeral though.


Candice Frederick said...


thevoid99 said...

I absolutely agree with all of them.

BRENT said...

I've all but come to the conclusion that ALL sequels are un-necesary no matter how good or bad they are. They are money grabs in my opinion. But as your selections have noted, some are worse than others!

Tom Clift said...

Haha, good call with all of these. Inspired by THE HANGOVER PART II by any chance?

Castor said...

I would also mention Legally Blonde, one of the worst movie ever made!

Dan said...

I totally agree with these picks too. I'd also add in the Matrix sequels, which served to tarnish the original and added little to our understanding of the world created.

Norma Desmond said...

@Brent: Very true. If there's even a dime more to be made, you can bet a sequel is coming.

@Tom Clift: Bingo! Although Cars 2 comes to mind as well.

@Castor: Legally Blonde 2 was actually on my long list but ultimately I found that it just wasn't quite as awful as the five I selected.

@Dan: the second Matrix movie (I've never seen the third) was definitely terrible, but I was only considering movies with one follow-up rather than series that became trilogies or more.

Colin Biggs said...

One could argue that the original Weekend at Bernie's was also unnecessary.