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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

20 Actresses Meme

Another meme is making the rounds, in this one you choose you 20 favourite film actresses. Thanks to Ibetolis over at Film For The Soul for the tag. After much deliberation, here are my picks:

#20: Mary Louise Parker

#19: Jane Lynch

#18: Juliette Binoche

#17: Elizabeth Taylor

#16: Cate Blanchett

#15: Diane Keaton

#14: Queen Latifah

#13: Frances McDormand

#12: Faye Dunaway

#11: Marilyn Monroe

#10: Emma Thompson

#9: Catherine Deneuve

#8: Naomi Watts

#7: Audrey Hepburn

#6: Vivien Leigh

#5: Meryl Streep

#4: Ingrid Bergman

#3: Kate Winslet

#2: Bette Davis

#1: Greta Garbo

Since I'm coming into this a little late I'm not going to tag anyone (it seems like it's spread pretty thoroughly through blogdom anyway), but if you haven't been tagged yet and want to play along, feel free to join in. And if you want a little extra challenge I see that Wendy over at Movie Viewing Girl has extended the challenge to include 20 favourite actors.


Wendymoon said...

Nice list! You have several here that almost made mine. 20 seems like a lot but fills up pretty quickly.

Ric Burke said...

Garbo and Davis at 1# and 2#. Brilliant.

You've included some choices that I wish I had thought of; Leigh and Binoche for instance.

Looks like we're in agreement with several people as well including the fantastic Frances McDormand, how she's not on more people's list I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...how could I have forgotten about Mary Louise Parker? I love her!