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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guide to Oscar: Best Costume Design

The Best Costume Design category has been part of the Academy Awards since 1948. From 1948 until 1966 the category was split into two, separating work in black and white films and color films (except for 1957 and 1958, when the categories were merged into one). From 1966 onwards, there has been just one Best Costume Design category.

This year's nominees:

Lisy Christl, Anonymous

This is the first nomination for Christl.

Mark Bridges, The Artist

This is the first nomination for Bridges.

Sandy Powell, Hugo

This is the 10th nomination for Powell. She won previously for The Young Victoria and Shakespeare In Love, and was nominated for The Tempest, Mrs. Henderson Presents, The Aviator, Gangs of New York, Velvet Goldmine, The Wings of the Dove and Orlando.

Michael O'Connor, Jane Eyre

This is the 2nd nomination for O'Connor. He won previously for The Duchess.

Arianne Phillips, W.E.

This is the second nomination for Phillips. She was previously nominated for Walk The Line.

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