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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Top 5... Worst Post-Oscar Careers (Director Edition)

#5: Robert Zemeckis

Won for: Forrest Gump. Prior to winning the Oscar, Robert Zemeckis brought to life such films as Romancing the Stone, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the Back to the Future trilogy. Since winning the Oscar, he's released What Lies Beneath and a series of films that, if they don't cross over it completely, skirt the edge of dipping into the uncanny valley: The Polar Express, Beowulf and A Christmas Carol.

William Friedkin

Won for The French Connection. Friedkin's first post-Oscar film was The Exorcist so, obviously, things didn't immediately start to go downhill, however his post-Oscar filmmography also includes the critically reviled Cruising, Deal of the Century, The Guardian and Jade.

John Schlesinger

Won for Midnight Cowboy. As with William Friedkin, things didn't immediately start to take a turn for the worse with Schlesinger. He followed-up Midnight Cowboy with Sunday Bloody Sunday and The Marathon Man. He also, however, made such films as Yanks, The Believers, Pacific Heights, Eye for an Eye and the Madonna starring The Next Best Thing.

Barry Levinson

Won for Rain Man. Post-Oscar bright spots: Bugsy and Wag the Dog... And now the bad news: Avalon, Toys, Sphere, Bandits, Man of the Year, What Just Happened and the John Gotti biopic that Lindsay Lohan was attached to star in for about five minutes.

Michael Cimino

Won for The Deer Hunter... and then saw his name become synonymous with "box office bomb" after the notorious Heaven's Gate. He also made Year of the Dragon, The Sicilian, Desperate Hours and Sunchaser.

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