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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday's Top 5... Posters of the 1940s

#5: It's A Wonderful Life

Imagine it's 1946 and you see this poster having heard nothing about the film. Wouldn't you think to yourself, "Well, that looks like an uplifting romp!" Now imagine your surprise as the movie begins. Still, a classic is a classic and this poster definitely fits the bill.

#4: Casablanca

One of the few times when the "floating heads" style of poster art really works for me. A beautiful piece of work.

A poster that could easily work for just about any of the Tracy-Hepburn vehicles since many of them hinge on the question of who will get to wear the pants (answer: usually Tracy).

Posters like this one make me long for the days when actual thought and artistry would go into posters rather than just photoshop. It's absolutely gorgeous.

My favourite movie poster ever. Truly, there never was a woman like Gilda.

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