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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Top 5... Board Game to Movie Adaptations to Expect

#5: Hungry Hungry Hippos

Picture it: A computer animated adventure where 4 hippos - the "straight man/protagonist," the "funny one," the "girl one," and, I don't know, the "nerdy one" - voiced by actors of varying degrees of fame, find their food source cut off and embark on a long (and eventful) trek to change their circumstances. Hijinks and a song by Elton John or, possibly, Phil Collins, ensue.

#4: Monopoly

Picture It: A socially conscious story about the economic crisis where the underdog 99% triumphs and the 1% learns a valuable lesson about the importance of a sustainable middle class. Or, alternately, a socially conscious but much darker story about the economic crisis where a member of the 99% goes up against a member of the 1% and gets brutally crushed. Either way: Oscars for all!

#3: Mystery Date

Picture It: A romantic comedy where a woman goes on a blind date with the "stud," starts to fall for him after subsequent dates, and then discovers that he's been coached all along by the "dud." Things of course work out in the end when she learns the truth and picks the dud, meanwhile the stud ends up with her comic relief best friend.

#2: Mousetrap

This could go two ways. Picture It: An animated adventure about a persistent mouse trying to outsmart the mousetrap to get to the prize. Alternately, it could be a Saw style horror movie about a killer who constructs an elaborate maze that his victims must escape in order to survive.

#1: Risk

This one is already in development and, really, it's so obvious that it's kind of shocking that it hasn't reached theaters already. Picture It: A world wide battle for global domination which makes use of a multitude of locales and stars.

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sexta-feira said...

The Mystery Date would be my favorite!