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Monday, January 17, 2011

Trailer Dissection: A Little Bit of Heaven

The Weinstein Company presents: Generically Titled Romantic Comedy #12674, aka Bubbly Yet Tragic Heroine + Serious Man Whose Love Will Save Her, aka...

I am relatable. Just look: sometimes I accidentally oversleep!

But I am also a free spirit, as you can see by the fact that I ride my bike without a helmet.

Special guest appearance by Courtney Love.

Rosemarie DeWitt? Nooooooooo! Oh, you are so much better than “the best friend” in a bland romantic comedy. What happened? What? Happened?

I have cancer but it’s okay because I’m not like other people. This was already established earlier when I took great pains to demonstrate that, despite being a woman, I talk about sex a lot. Also, I don’t believe in love or relationships. Aren’t I off the wall? I can out manic and out pixie any other Manic Pixie Dream Girl!

Kathy Bates plays my mom. She’s making me a steak even though I’m a vegetarian. Oh, mom! I have a feeling that we will be butting heads but that we will also end up becoming closer.

This is my doctor but we’re totally going to date. You’d think there’d be rules about that sort of thing, wouldn’t you?

Oh, you say there are, stern doctor’s boss who will try to destroy all chances of joy and happiness? Well, I guess this is conflict number two, then!

You in danger girl. Seriously, though, it’s commendable that they made the Magical Negro character a literal angel.

Despite my earlier protestations, I will in fact fall in love. Aren’t we adorable? Please enjoy a montage of us doing adorable things.

And now we will end with a double entendre to remind you that despite all that cancer stuff this is supposed to be a comedy.

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