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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's Top 5... Sword and Sandal Films

#5: Clash of the Titans (1981)

I caught this once on TV and it was so gloriously cheesy that I simply could not look away. I haven't seen the 2010 version but, based on the trailers, I feel confident in assuming that it's not nearly as much fun as this version.

#4: Gladiator

Confession: I don't particularly like Gladiator. However, recognizing its popularity with plenty of other people I feel compelled to include it in this list. In the interest of giving the film its due, the action sequences are pretty great.

#3: Jason and the Argonauts

There's something very charming about old school special effects (when done right, of course). If you're ever looking for an example of what I mean by that, definitely check out Jason and the Argonauts.

#2: Spartacus

An epic in every way. Kirk Douglas made a lot of great films and this one certainly deserves to be ranked as one of his very best.

#1: Ben-Hur

Ben-Hur pulls off the strange feat of being an over the top spectacle while also being utterly and disarmingly sincere. A number of marvelous action set pieces keep this one moving so swiftly along that you barely notice its grand running time.


M. Carter @ the Movies said...

The hairstyle of that dude in "Clash of the Titans" is seriously awful. Like Javier Bardem's 'do in "No Country for Old Men," but with perma-wave.

And you're not the only one who doesn't worship "Gladiator." I thought Joaquin Phoenix's performance was far more intriguing and nuanced than Russell Crowe's. Plus, the plot is kind of a rehash of "Braveheart."

Norma Desmond said...

re: Clash of the Titans - the hair is quite possibly more epic than the film.