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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Book vs Film: Tell No One vs. Tell No One

Plot: A widower gets a mysterious message leading him to believe that his wife might actually be alive. As he investigates further he finds himself in the middle of a large-scale plots that finds him accused of murder, on the run, and being pursued by assassins as well as police.

Primary Differences Between Book and Film: Easily the biggest difference between the two is that the book takes place in New York and the film takes place in Paris. Aside from that the film is generally faithful to the book save for a few minor details, although the ending of the film is wildly different from that of the film.

For the Book: The book expands a lot on the characters' relationships and backstories, giving a clearer idea of certain characters' motivations. For example, the protagonist's sister plays a very small and inadvertent part in the plot against him and the motivation for her silence regarding certain secrets is more clearly elaborated in the book.

For the Film: There's a long chase scene in the middle of the story that is much better suited to film that it is to literature. The ending of the film is also a lot stronger than the ending of the book, both in terms of the identity of the killer and the series of events leading up to it, as the book tends to get more over the top the closer it gets to the end.

Winner: Film. The book is highly entertaining in its own right, but the film is far superior. The changes made to the story through the adaptation, the great acting across the board, and the wonderfully staged chase scene give the film the edge over the book.

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