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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Genie Winners and Other News

The Genie Awards took place last night and Passchendaele was the big winner. The full list of winners is under the cut, but first a small announcement: I've apparently lost my mind and decided that I'm not quite busy enough and, as such, I've started contributing to Culturazzi Cognoscente Club, which has a large database of reviews of films and books amongst other things, some written by my fellow LAMBs Srikanth Srinivasan at The Seventh Art and Shubhajit at Cinemascope. I've already written reviews of Blindness and This Is Spinal Tap and will hopefully add many more to the list so come by and check it out.

2009 Genie Winners

Picture: Passchendaele

Director: Benoit Pilon, The Necessities of Life

Actor: Natar Ungalaaq, The Necessities of Life

Actress: Ellen Burstyn, The Stone Angel

Supporting Actress: Kristin Booth, Young People Fucking

Supporting Actor: Callum Keith Rennie, Normal

Original Screenplay: Bernard Emond, The Necesities of Life

Adapted Screenplay: Marie-Sissi Labreche & Lyne Charlebois, Borderline

Editing: The Necessities of Life

Cinematography: Fugitive Pieces

Art Direction: Passchendaele

Costume Design: Passchendaele

Original Score: The Stone Angel

Original Song: "Dr. Shiva," Amal

Sound: Passchendaele

Sound Editing: Passchendaele

Documentary: Up The Yangtze

Live Action Short: Next Floor

Animated Short: Sleeping Betty

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